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Co-create with us.
Transform industries with AI, blockchain and social science. Built new value chains and ecosystems


Appropriate AI & BLOCKCHAIN application and concrete solutions in the context of different kinds of organizations.


Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) provides the infrastructure of the future economy…


AI Living Lab is guided by faculty and industry experts to share experience, explore & in-depth subject knowledge with you

Blockchain Solutions & Human Functions combined together

AZUR INTEGRATOR is an R&D company that develops impactful cross-disciplinary solutions for digital transformation of society, industries and governance.

We believe in the transforming power of AI and distributed ledger technologies, neuroscience and their combinations with social sciences, which have entered into the age of renaissance.

Our strong belief is also in co-creation. We always prefer to work together with all stakeholders of innovative projects at all phases of projects, because we have chosen the spheres which transformation are supposed to bring extraordinary reward, but cannot be easily formalized. We are happy that our team comprises of people with sound experience in both R&D, business and teaching. Yes, we love to explain things!

We are industry-agnostic, but currently we pay more attention to media industry and digital creatives, EdTech, Smart Economy/Smart Citizen, HRTech and eHealth

We have developed our own methodology for building new value chains and/or verticals, which we call “The Venture Integration Program”, which is still unique.

Digital Transformation Assistance

New decentralized networks – public or private – will mostly be formed to serve industrial verticals: agro, media, tourism, healthcare, work force, etc. AZUR INTEGRATOR will thus serve as a tool to connect them both functionally and economically, providing maximum engagement and fair remuneration to every single actor of the network. This in turn will secure economic growth of entire regions and each connected industry.

Appropriate its application and concrete solutions in the context of different kinds of organizations.
Overview of the blockchain technology from an economic perspective
Demystify the technology by sales-oriented roadmap focusing on the new features the blockchain brings in
Understand possibilities & limitations
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)
Explore & in-depth subject 

Venture Integration Program

AZUR INTEGRATOR has developed a format called The Integration Program that produces portfolios of interconnected startups that represent entire verticals. This approach reduces risks for investors, creates new value chains for large private and public stakeholders, connects industries and brings new dimension to existing accelerators. And, of course, it paves the road for tech and social entrepreneurs.

Integration Programs are similar to Living Labs but we believe that we managed to build a faster track from innovation to business. An average Program lasts 7 months. Please contact us for additional details.

Blockchain and AI 

We invite teams of researchers and young startups to collaborate on developing their innovative ideas together with universities and industrial partners.

Distributed Ledger Technologies is a significant part of our agenda. As a research company we are working on solutions that will help build an infrastructure for digital transformation of business and social processes. The greatest attention is paid to tokenization of industrial verticals and interoperability of various blockchains.

As a company that follows human and society centric approach, we engineer new processes first and only then implement them using technologies that were not available in the past.

We do not believe in robots taking over the planet. On the contrary, we believe in creative augmentation of our abilities that will drive thriveability for all and eventually save the planet. 

Travel & Culture Industry

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Fashion industry

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Media Industry of the future

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Smart City, Sea & Mountain

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Smart Energy grid & technologies for tomorrow

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Human ressource / e-Health / Silver economy

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Our Happy Clients, Stakeholders and partners

Wherever our lives and livelihoods are at stake – in our ecosystems, but also in the sectors of energy, production, research and innovation, or public services – we offer high technical & human performance and reliability of our blockchain solutions.

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To us, a clear and effective feedback is vital to keep the process running smoothly, and to plan the next steps in advance. We value people that trust our work and collaborate with us.

You have an idea, use case or project. We know how to turn it into a reality. So let’s talk. 


Our Team Company-Client Relationship

We consider our clients as a part of the development team to deliver high quality client outcomes in the enterprise blockchain space and creating a scalable delivery model with increased productivity. We understand that the customer-centric approach tends to be about the client. It is about establishing rapport within the team & the client and making it work cohesively and effectively.

Frédéric Naville

Public Relation & collaboration CEO – MBA University of Hartford (CT) – USA

Member of East-West Digital an association (Paris) representing Eastern European start-ups for their development in the West. Key account sales manager and co-founder of serious game start-ups. Assistant to the President then Vice-President of Non-Governmental Organizations (ECOSOC, United Nations, NYC)

Mylène Leitzelman

Docteur en Sciences de l’Information

Co-Fondateur de MNEMOTIX – Ingénieur de Recherche (Telecom Paris Tech, INRIA)

Caroline Hervé

Information and Data Processing

Put human intelligence, AI and algorithms for human relations services to offer more moments together to eat, move, entertain, create, learn, visit, practice sports activities, go to shows, concerts, museums, etc… give sense and instant2gether [I2G]

Vincent Gay

Governance IA IH & business model

Create talented assemblies of collective intelligence to implement great governance strategies with a simple recipe who consists in initiating motivation, creating attractiveness through fulfillment, bringing a little touch of belonging & a splash of nudge. So just dooiTwell

Marc Durand

PhD in applied mathematics. – CEO KAPLAT-

Ex-Blockchain Leader at IBM Cloud, Marc has been helping companies implement their technological transformation for more than 30 years.He has managed numerous operational projects for the transformation or implementation of innovative technologies in an international context.

Michèle Barbier

PhD – Independant Ethics Advisor and Scientific adviser

“Institute for Science & Ethics”. Direction Scientifique, CIESM,  “Mediterranean Science Representative IAPG – International Association for the Promotion of Geoethics, France section. Member of the Board of Directors of the European Society of Marine Biotechnology.

Alexandra Brehier

Human Resources & Laws

Passionnate in new societal model, in the Blockchain and life quality, the disruption of Talent Management, give value to smartSkills bartering & increase the ‘TALENTcoin’ capital.

Konstantine Karczmarski 

Reseach & development

Passionate about building new and transforming old industries, emerging trends and links between cultures, businesses, societies

Aline Rutily

Building international growth for innovative leaders & entrepreneurs

Through ATRIA we organize regular interactions and collaborations between creative people coming from various backgrounds and businesses. I realize everyday the importance of design in our current ecosystems.

Leadership Team

unlocking the power of decentralized technology

Azur Integrator is made up of talented, exhilarating and dedicated people from all over the world. We share a passion for ethics, semantics, crypto-enthusiasme, blockchain, coders, developers, creation and interaction with people interested in the future of a sustainable world.

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